Time to plant garlic!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates

Garlic has a reputation for a variety of health benefits and is a beloved ingredient in recipes because of the flavor and aroma that it adds to food. One of the unique qualities of garlic is that it is planted in the fall rather than in the spring. Planting garlic in the fall allows it to get its root structure started and allows it to start growing again early in the spring. This early root formation and early cool growth contributes to bigger garlic heads.

Garlic needs to be planted in a sunny, fertile, well drained spot that hasn’t been used for growing other plants from the allium (onion) family. It is best to not plant garlic from the grocery store because it may have been treated to prevent sprouting and the varieties available in the grocery store may not be the best for our growing conditions. When it is time to plant, break the garlic heads into pieces (called cloves) and plant the best cloves, saving the smaller ones for cooking. The best cloves will be the larger, plump ones. Plant the cloves 4 inches apart and 2 inches deep with the pointed end of the clove facing upwards. A protective layer of leaves, straw or grass clippings will help insulate your newly planted garlic from the cold winter temperatures.

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