The Kitchen Garden

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European potager themed vegetable garden, naturally grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides or fungicides of any kind. Includes heirloom vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs on a 2,300 sq ft plot. No synthetic fertilizers are used, compost added annually for over 14 years. Includes raised bed Square Foot Garden, wildlife habitat, vertical structures, grafted tomatoes, low tunnel cloche, cold frames & companion planting. Produce is donated to Ozarks Food Harvest.


Advanced Training: “Low Tunnels” Sunday March 22, 2015

Master Gardeners of Greene County held an advanced training class on low tunnels on Sunday, March 22, 2015 from 1:00-5:00 pm in the Kitchen Garden at Springfield-Greene County Botanical Gardens. This project will allow us to extend our growing season in the Kitchen Garden, possibly throughout the entire winter months. We will be able to grow greens and cold weather crops, (the brassicas) through months like the ones we struggled with last winter.


Planting Potatoes for St. Patrick’s Day Monday March 16, 2015

Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day is the yearly marker for planting an early spring garden, including potatoes, peas, onions and leeks, and cole crops. This year, we got our potatoes in a day early! The ground has been wet since the snow melt from February, so instead of tilling and planting the potatoes in hilled rows, we demonstrated another method for growing spuds- wire potato cages lined with straw. This method is especially useful in urban gardens where space is limited.  You can read more about planting potatoes and the methods that are best for you here.