The Master Gardener Program is a public service program offered by the Cooperative Extension Service that provides university training to volunteers for the purpose of enabling them to serve their communities through horticulture, gardening, and pest management.

The first Master Gardener Program was initiated in the state of Washington in 1973 by Extension agents in response to a burgeoning interest in horticulture from citizens in the urban areas. The program’s objective was to train volunteers to help Extension meet the overwhelming demand for information on horticulture, gardening, and plant problems. Volunteers participated in a series of science-based educational sessions that included many aspects of horticulture and related topics. Then, in return for this training, they assisted local Extension personnel in providing information and education.

Today there are Master Gardener Programs affiliated with most land-grant universities throughout the United States.

Established Roots
The Missouri Master Gardener Extension Program began in St. Louis in 1983 and is designed to assist the University of Missouri and Lincoln University with a mission of bringing horticultural information to the public. The Master Gardener Program throughout Missouri promotes and raises public awareness of the University of Missouri Extension as a source of unbiased, research based gardening information. Master Gardeners of Greene County in Springfield, MO was formed in 1984 to continue that mission, contributing thousands of hours each year in the Springfield area and surrounding region.

2018 Bylaws Master Gardeners of Greene County


Kelly McGowan

Board President
Nancy Chambers


Membership Chair: Rosemary Lloyd-Smith

Chapter News: Barbara Ingalsbe

Emeritus Care-Interim: Patty Garrett

Historian/Archivist: Vacant

Hours Reporting and Roster: Kelly McGowan

Member Care: Susie Joplin

Mentoring: Sandy Peabody

Social: J.J. Averett

Nathanael Greene Demonstration Garden

Demonstration Gardens Chair- Interim: Nancy Chambers

Hardscape: Dwight Lindsay

Irrigation: Glenn Blake

Mulch and Compost: Carl Redmon


Herbs: Barb Emge

Misc. Areas: Malissa Nowack

Natives: Vacant

Ornamental Grasses and West Entrance: Barb McDonald

Mixed Borders: Vacant

Shade: Dellene Nelson

Turf Grasses: Randy Underwood

Vegetables: Carl Redmon; Dwight Lindsay; MaryFran Digirolamo

Berm: Vacant

WaterWise Garden

Garden Chair: Ann Gunion

Structures & Irrigation:  Glenn Blake

Mulch and Compost: Carl Redmon

LabelingGale Edwards; Maryann Holt; Bobbi Ream

Redesign / Long-Term Planning: Gale Edwards


Hotline Chair: Patty Garrett

Meetings: Shirley Shipley

Trainer: Patty Garrett

Scheduling: Susie Joplin

Data Entry: Christina Angle

Public Education

Public Education Chair: Catherine Banks

Children’s Programming / Young Sprouts: Shae Johnson

Learn to Grow in the Garden Series: Vacant

Potting Shed University: Catherine Banks

Speakers’ Bureau: Ken Chamberlain

Plant Sale: Vacant

Marketing/Public Relations (MPR)

MPR Chair: Ken Bass

Ask a Master Gardener: Mark Bernskoetter

Fairs & Shows: Bobbi Ream

Publications: Ken Bass

Publicity: Vacant

Plant Sale Publicity: Vicki Hanson

Public Education Publicity: Vacant

Social Media, Facebook: Alisa Boyd

Website: Malissa Nowack

Constant Contact (Public Newsletter): Kathy Rapp