Potting Shed University: Winter Seed Sowing

On Monday, February 9, 2015, our first Potting Shed University class was held at the Botanical Center. We had about 50 attendees and each visitor planted up their own mini greenhouse to take home. Many said they will be making more at home. A few tips once you get these planted up:

  • Make sure they get watered: The soil should be the color of brownie batter.
  • Vent them more as the weather warms once they start to sprout: Once they sprout, begin opening the vents each week larger and larger.
  • Once two true leaves form, they are ready to transplant into the garden.


Handout materials shared during Monday’s class:

List of Plants to Wintersow

The Wintersown Method (presentation)

Web links for more information on wintersowing:





For those who attended the Wintersown class in February, here is an update! Several of your seeds are beginning to sprout in their containers. This is the time to watch them carefully. Make sure they are watered to the color of brownie batter and open them during the warm days and close them on cold nights. Here are some pictures of a few of mine. My daughter in law, Brittani helped me through the whole process. She is a lifesaver. One day these will all need to be transplanted in the garden.

Missy Sanford, MGGC President