Do you want … a greener lawn, a healthier garden, or more beautiful flowers?

A soil test from University of Missouri Extension can help.

soil in hands

 What You Get

  • A Missouri University soil test promises exceptional test quality with more details and information than in other tests.
  • Soil tests in Greene County cost $30.00 per sample.
  • Each soil test done with the MU Extension office comes with recommendations made by a trained and experienced specialist.
  • If you have questions about the results, Extension specialists can answer questions about the soil test results free of charge.
  • Trained Master Gardeners at the Extension center can also provide informational assistance for lawn and gardening
    questions year-round free of charge.

Soil Testing Tells You

  • What nutrients are available in your soil; and
  • Provides recommendations to correct existing problems.

A “Basic” Soil Test Provides

  • pH level (acidity or alkalinity)
  • Phosphorus level
  • Potassium level
  • Calcium level
  • Magnesium level
  • Organic matter percent
  • Recommendations for corrective treatment


Four Easy Steps

    1. Use a soil probe, spade or trowel to take a slice of soil 1 inch thick from a hole six inches deep. Place this sample in a clean plastic bowl or box. Dry or damp soil is okay, but soggy soil should be allowed to air dry.
    2. Collect additional samples from four to five randomly selected spots in your lawn, garden, or field. Mix the samples thoroughly, breaking any clumps. Remove all roots, thatch, rocks or gravel debris from the sample.
    3. Seal only 2 cups of the mixture in a plastic bag, plastic bowl or box. Bring your sample to the Master Gardener Hotline Room locate in the Springfield Botanical Center. Please DO NOT bring more than the required 2 cups of soil for each location to be tested.


Soil samples and payment of $30.00 (cash/check only) for each sample may be brought in during “Dirt Days” every Thursday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm to:

Master Gardener Hotline Room
(Office inside the Springfield Botanical Center)
2400 S. Scenic Ave
Springfield, MO 65807
Tel: 417-874-2963

If you are unable to come during Thursday “Dirt Days”, email the Master Gardener Hotline to make an appointment or call (417) 874-2963 for more details.