Potting Shed University

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Potting Shed University
Mondays | March 6- April 24 | 6:00-7:00 p.m.

A series of 7 diverse garden topics for you to hone your skills to become a better gardener for years to come.

The Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center
2400 S Scenic Ave
Springfield, MO 65807
Phone: 417-891-1515 ext 2
$5/person per class | Pay at the door

2017 Potting Shed University Class Schedule

Monday March 6, 2017 – Composting Made Simple
Melissa Sanford- Master Gardeners of Greene County
If we each start at home, we can make a big impact on our world.  More than a third of all residential trash is food scraps.  When this ends up in the landfill, it accounts for twenty percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Join us as we discuss starting the process of composting at home and how we can each make a difference in the waste we each generate.  In the process we can make our soil healthier, our gardens happier and our community more sustainable, in as little as one cubic yard of space.

Monday March 20, 2017 – Native Butterflies and Moths of MO
Kelly McGowan, Horticulture Educator, MU Extension
Missouri is home to many beautiful native moths and butterflies and is also a part of the monarch migratory path. Learn how to identify these creatures and things you can to do attract them to your yard.

Monday March 27, 2017 – Garlic
Patrick Byers, Extension Horticulture Specialist
Why all the buzz about garlic?  Can we grow gourmet garlic in southwest Missouri?  The answer is a resounding Yes!  Join garlic enthusiast and MU Extension horticulturist Patrick Byers as he describes choosing the right garlic strain, planting the crop, nurturing garlic, harvesting, and storing garlic for use.  Plus, tips on the best garlic strains for SW Missouri, based on a trial of over 35 different strains.

Monday April 3, 2017 – Fairy Gardens
Sharon Masterson, Master Gardeners of Greene County 
As children we play with miniatures, some play with toy trains, or Barbie dolls and we invent stories about our little miniature friends. Fairies gardens remind us we are never too old to play.  Share an evening learning about fairy gardening, creating and designing your own magical miniature world in gardens. It is a great way to garden without having a lot of room and it can take as little or as much time as you want to give. We can create those gardens we wish we could build in real life. We can change the garden by simply moving a few pieces around and experimenting with plants and scale. Dwarf plants are easy to move around and pretend different scenarios. We will talk about using herbs in our fairy gardens and where to find and make accessories to create a little world. Sharon has been gardening for many years with her focus on herb gardening which is perfect for miniatures.

Monday April 10, 2017 – Introduction to Herbs
Barb Emge, Master Gardeners of Greene County
Did you know that you can easily grow your own bay tree for those bay leaves used in soups, stews and Cajun cooking or that you can make your own herb blends or pesto? Have you tried to grow herbs before & wondered why some herbs didn’t do so well & wanted to try again? Join us as we discuss growing 15 of the most common culinary herbs here in southwest Missouri. If you have room for pots or space in your yard for a small herb garden & 4-6 hours of sunlight a day, you can easily grow enough herbs for all your needs.

Monday April 17, 2017 – Shade Gardening
Dellene Nelson, Master Gardeners of Greene County
Gardening in the shade can be challenging but rewarding, Delene will be sharing ways to have a beautiful garden and methods to deal with the adversities of planting in the shade. She will present information on plant materials with tips on how to enjoy the colors, textures and shapes even though there may be few blossoms.

Monday April 24, 2017 – Container Gardening
Mark and Renae Bernskoetter, Master Gardeners of Greene County
Did you know you could grow just about anything almost anywhere in containers?  From edibles to beautifuls – and why not mix them together? Container gardening is so versatile and easy with some helpful hints we’ll be sure to cover in this session.  You’ll learn how to get started and keep it growing all season long.

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